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This website is designed to aid Hornsby family researchers in furthering their genealogical connects by providing links to other Hornsby genealogy websites and research resources. Whether you are looking for family websites, family trees, cemeteries, obituaries, photos, or other related research links, I hope you find this site helpful and return here often.


Leonard H. Hornsby

My earlist known Hornsby immigrant ancestor is Leonard H. Hornsby (c1766-April 12, 1779). After emigrating from England, Leonard settled in Camden District of Fairfield County, South Carolina where he and his wife, the former Elizabeth I. Wilson (c1720-Janurary 21, 1801) raised eleven children.

His will of April 6, 1779 can be found in the Fairfield County records and reads: “Will of Leonard Hornsby of the Province of South Carolina, Camden District, being weak in body. To my eldest son William Hornsby all that tract of land belonging to me in Prince William County in Virginia on Powell’s run and Hiapsco, and binding (sic) on the land of Thomas Dowell and several others. To my two sons John Hornsby and Leonard Hornsby all that tract of land I own in North Carolina on Dunkins Creek, to be equally divided between them. To my loving wife Elizabeth Hornsby during her natural life 200 acres on the Wateree Creek whereon I now live, and after her decease to my two youngest sons James Hornsby and Moses Hornsby to be equally divided between them. To my six daughters, each of them one cow, to be delivered to them when my said wife shall see cause. The rest of my estate to my wife. My wife the sole executor.” The will was proved and administration granted to Elizabeth Hornsby, executrix, who qualified.


Their children were:

  1. William Blake Hornsby born August 25, 1739 in Chester Co., South Carolina died January 22, 1827 in Wake Co., North Carolina married before 1773 Elizabeth ________ 
  2. Mary Hornsby born January 6, 1740/41 in Chester Co., South Carolina married Jeremiah Roden 
  3. Ann Hornsby born February 5, 1742/43 in Chester Co., South Carolina 
  4. Leah Phameul Hornsby born February 19, 1744/45 in Chester Co., South Carolina married William Blake died January 22, 1781  
  5. Sharlotte Hornsby born November 25, 1746 
  6. Elizabeth "Lezze" Hornsby born February 22, 1748/49 in Chester Co., South Carolina 
  7. Janet/Phanuel "Fanny" Hornsby born March 30, 1751 in Chester Co., South Carolina 
  8. John Hornsby born May 13, 1755 in Jamestown, James City Co., Virginia died After 1840 in Elmore Co., Alabama married Elizabeth T. ________ born about 1753 m: Abt. 1777 in South Carolina died after 1799 in South Carolina 
  9. Leonard Hornsby, Jr. born May 13, 1755 in Chester Co., South Carolina married 1) Mary Duke and 2) Rachel ________ 
  10. James Hornsby born July 31, 1757 in Chester Co., South Carolina died April 21, 1781 married in 1778 in Granville Co., North Carolina, Eleanor McCidy 
  11. Moses L. Hornsby born December 9, 1759 in Chester Co., South Carolina died June 1, 1837 in Covington Co., Mississippi married about 1791 in North Carolina, Katherine Watts born 1770 in South Carolina died after 1835 in Mississippi.  

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What little I have on this family comes from my own and others shared research.  My hope for this site is to share more about this family and other families that carry the Hornsby name.  As genealogy is a never-ending puzzle so will this site be a never-ending endeavor. If you would like your website, family tree, cemetery listing, family obituaries, or other research related materials shared on this site, please email me or post on the blog page.


I realize that the information I post may or may not be totally accurate and welcome correction with references. Further, if you have correction or addition to any work featured here please let me know and provide references where appropriate. 


Please email me at webmaster@hornsbygenealogy.com to contribute to this website with either correction or additions. I would love to hear from you!





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